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What is PasserBy


PasserBy is a Hyperlocal Connection Platform

PasserBy is a platform to connect local businesses directly to the users. In and around your area any business, be it big or small, shop, restaurant, doctor or any helper, can enrol to PasserBy platform and make themselves available to the users directly.

As a platform, we allow businesses to list themselves on the platform and then give full e-Commerce experience to the users, such as checking-in, booking, browsing, ordering, making payment online and even delivery tracking.


What are we doing right now

In COVID-19 Lockdown Situation, farmers are trying to get in touch with the users. But they cannot place a stall or do a campaign for themselves. PasserBy helps them in marketing, making themselves visible to the users and then getting orders directly on the platform. Then we co-ordinate with them to arrange for the deliveries. There can be delays due to restrictions, but we try our best to make the produce available to the users!

But there are restrictions!


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, our vendors are not able to reach everywhere. Also, unless they get

For them to get bulk orders, what we do is, we wait till the vendor gets the minimum required orders, in number as well as in value. Everyones orders are confirmed only when this criteria is met.

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